Action Mysql Select To UI

This action is for data string generation. You define every column you want to select and store it to one Global or Local variable.

Next step is to use Action Parse String To UI.

Define Data String, select Parent Object, for example, Panel object for this data to be shown, set Header text color and opacity to 1 and text size, fill in all columns data. Header prefab - prefab where header text will be shown, header text - text object with some text for header, datatype - choose text or image. If image - it must be stored to database in base64:


Your image code: 

You need to delete: data:image/jpeg;base64,

So your string must be like: /9j/4SNqRXhpZgAATU0AKgAAAAgADAEAAAMAAAABA

Now make keyDown trigger to activate this action and show Panel. You will see "Table like" data in your canvas.

Full story for this example is here:

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