Mysql Select

Select name - enter column name from your Mysql table which you want to select. You can select multiple columns by pressing "+". From table name - enter table name from where you will select data Where - enter column Name and Operator. If your column is Varchar - use Value String Important - if you want compare with String - select Value String and then select Value Number with 0 integer (case 1). If you want compare with Number - select Value Number and leave empty Value String (case 2).

Order by - if you want to order selected data - write a column name here. If not - leave this field empty Direction - use this only with Order by statement. If it is emoty - then choose - NO Limit - if you want to limit your query result - use this. If not - leave this field empty. Store selected - your stored data count must be equal to selected data count, so if you select 2 columns, than you need to store 2 columns somewhere. If you want to store to String Variable = paste Store to String data and leave Store to Number (none). If you want to store to number variable - use this field and leave Store to String (none).


This example is equal to Query:

SELECT name FROM Demo1_sql WHERE name = '[player variable name]' ORDER by id DESC LIMIT 1

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